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Compassionate Pet Care

Welcome to Amberglen Pet Care


Amberglen Pet Care welcomes our Hillsboro friends! We are a veterinary practice with an eye on unparalleled assistance to your dog, cat, and pocket pet needs. Our goal is to provide a calming, soothing environment around which to help your best friend stay in the peak of health.

We will partner with you to provide your family with the highest quality veterinary care so your pet can enjoy the best possible quality of life. On-site, we utilize fear-free and cat friendly techniques paired with the latest lab technologies. When you complete your visit, we provide home care information—such as dental care and pocket pet, canine, or feline wellness so your family can continue to thrive. You have come to the right place!


When looking for veterinary services for our animal friends, we provide a range of wellness procedures from routine to specialized:

Pet Care with a Personal Touch

As a locally owned and operated pet care facility, Dr. Burris has a special love for pocket pets along with dogs and cats. We know pocket pets require different care than our other four-pawed friends, and Amberglen Pet Care loves to care for them, too.

We set the bar by providing individual, one-on-one assistance with empathy and respect for all pets and their owners.

“Dr. Burris is amazing! She takes great care of our pets. ”

Contact us at (503) 498-8506 to schedule your next appointment.